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Noble Elk Farm offers wholesale and bulk pricing to businesses, distributors, and suppliers. 

Inquire about setting up a wholesale account with us. Once we determine quantity and order specifications, we can quote a price. 

Elk Antler Chews Wholesale

Elk Antler is one of the most popular long-lasting chews. We wholesale to pet stores, kennels, pet groomers, and more. We offer various elk antler sizes to meet your customers needs. We can send antlers in bulk or packaged to your stores specifications. 


Velvet Antler Wholesale

As the United States is quickly becoming more aware and accepting of natural alternative medicine. Supplement shops and gyms are starting to offer more holistic and natural supplements to customers. Elk velvet antler is growing in demand because of this. Its important for retail shops looking to sell velvet antler to buy a quality product. Noble Elk Farm sources velvet antler from the farm and manufactures the supplement in our FDA regulated facility, without outsourcing. 


Elk Meat Wholesale

Restaurants looking to add a premium elk tenderloin medallions on the menu or groceries stores looking to offer a healthy red meat alternative, elk is a top seller. Ask us about the various cuts of elk meat have or pricing on a whole animal. 

Wholesale Market Aisle

Contact for Wholesale

Call: (608)295-8066 


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